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Parallel Aiming Method

Posted by Jefren Batucan on Monday, October 18, 2010,
The Parallel Aiming Method

1. mentally mark a line through the object ball to the pocket. Take this line to the precise center of the pocket (the topmost part of the ball you can see, or its exact geographic center, or its base where it rests on the table).
2. Now plot a parallel line running through the center of the cue ball to the nearest table cushion.
3. After composing parallel lines in your ...

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Cut Angles

Posted by Jefren Batucan on Thursday, February 4, 2010, In : Cut angles aiming 
Potting balls is easier if you know the cut angle and where to the contact point is on the object ball.  Below are some cut angles and the accociated spot on the object ball (grey OB)... now it is just a matter of knowing what the cut angle is plus stroking, stance, hand, eye co-ordination... blah blah blah... this is of course if your are aiming through the middle of the cue ball.. putting left or right english will deflect the cue ball and miss your aim target on the object ball slightly to...
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