The Parallel Aiming Method

1. mentally mark a line through the object ball to the pocket. Take this line to the precise center of the pocket (the topmost part of the ball you can see, or its exact geographic center, or its base where it rests on the table).
2. Now plot a parallel line running through the center of the cue ball to the nearest table cushion.
3. After composing parallel lines in your mind’s eye on the object ball and cue ball, deduce the shortest line that will bring the balls together on one aim line. (it is the pt line 1 going thru center of ball 3 onto its edge to the pt of line 2 making contact to the cue ball)
4. Set your cuestick through the center of the cue ball so that it is on a parallel line to the line connecting the parallel lines for their stroke (the green line as shown, parallel to the blue line of connection.

Note that although this has been called “the parallel aim method”, it is actually a plan to bring the edges of the balls together, and allows the actual object ball to be sighted upon, rather than some imagined ghost ball in space. Most pros use some type of edge-to-edge method for ball impact visualization. They plan the aim line of the object ball then consider some edge or section from each ball they will connect together.

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